Saturday, December 1, 2012


The purpose of this blog is to post my findings while learning to make natural hair and skincare products.  It has now been two and a half years since I first decided to start making my own hair care products and the condition of my hair has improved dramatically.  I have done little in the way of developing skincare products; however, I am hoping to remedy that next year.

I would categorized both my hair and skin as dry.  Currently my hair in almost at bra strap length.  It has a deep wave at the root with dense patches on the left forward side and middle rear.  My skin is so dry that I apply lotion year round.

Over the past two years, I have collected a substantial amount of raw data and will be using this blog to organize that information.  Even with all the information I have gathered, if you have a question about a natural ingredient, just ask.  I have learned so much from other people's questions and I may already have some information about the ingredient.

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